Physical Therapy + Yoga Therapy


As a Physical Therapist & Medical Yoga Therapist (Candidate) I believe in a holistic & integrative approach to working with patients and clients. I look at the ‘whole’ individual using the biopsychosocial model taking in to account physical, psychological and social aspects, nutrition, sleep patterns, breathing, stress levels and so much more. I strive to educate and empower my patients to take their health and wellness in to their own hands.

I provide PhysiYoga Therapy in St. Augustine, FL  and the surrounding area. Appointments can be conducted at my office- City Wellness, a patients home, a gym of their choice, or even their place of business.

Mover vs Stabilizer Muscles

Your musculoskeletal system has 2 generic types or muscles: movers and stabilizers. Stabilizer muscles support and hold your body upright. Learn how to strengthen stabilizer muscles along with the movers to help decrease and prevent pain and dysfunction in the body.

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