Is online health coaching right for me?

Online health coaching is not appropriate for everyone! If you have a prescription for Physical Therapy from a physician, need hands on work, or do not have access to skype (including a webcam) then online wellness is not right for you. I would recommend seeking out a trained Physical Therapist in your area. If you would like assistance finding a qualified therapist, please Contact Me and I will be happy to help!

What is included in your online Health Coaching sessions?

Your first Health Coaching session includes a full wellness evaluation and is about 1.5 hours long via skype. We will discuss all dimensions of your health including, sleep, stress, physical activity, aches & pains, nutrition, etc. Then we will discuss your personal goals and together build a plan to reach those goals. The initial session will include 2-3 tasks to get your started. The follow up sessions are 1 hour. Both session types may include exercises, stretching, yoga, breathing techniques, nutritional guidance, relaxation techniques, postural analysis, and more.

What is PhysiYoga?

PhysiYoga is often has different meanings. For me it’s the combination of Physical Therapy and Medical Therapeutic Yoga. This blending allows me to look through an integrative and holistic lens taking in to account all dimensions of health. Whether you are looking to learn yoga, increase strength, improve flexibility, decrease stress, or just need a little guidance on your path to wellness we can develop a plan that is right for you!

Does everyone have to do yoga?

The answer to that is complicated… Yes & No.
If you mean yoga postures or poses, No. These are only included if it fits with your interests and needs.
However, traditionally the definition of yoga also includes breathing, lifestyle, and much more. I believe it is very important that these aspects of yoga be included with each clients wellness plan as they deeply relate to a persons overall health and well being.
Read more about what yoga is Here.

Does Insurance cover this?

Majority of insurance companies do not cover any wellness services. However, if you are one of the lucky few I will be happy to provide you with the information needed to submit your claim to insurance for them to reimburse you.

If you are looking for Physical Therapy treatments, the same applies. These appointments are only in office (not online) and I am happy to provide the information you will need to submit your claim to insurance for out of network services.

I recently had an injury/surgery, can I still work with you online?

Of course! My online services are only for wellness purposes and do not include any specific diagnosis or physical therapy treatment. However, all injuries and surgical procedures are taken in to consideration with all clients. If you are currently under the care of a physical therapist please wait until you are released from their care to work with me online.

If you are looking for specific treatment for an injury or surgery and would like more information on working with me in person or would like help finding a qualified therapist in your area please contact me Here and I will be happy to help.

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